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Cat5 Announces Departure of Camron Dudley
Monday, March 25 2024

Shared from the Cat5 Facebook page:

"Hello Everyone,

For the past 5 years, Camron Dudley has been an integral part of our band, contributing his immense talent, creativity, and passion to every performance, recording, and behind-the-scenes management. 

Today, we are sad to announce his departure from Cat5live. 
His unique musical style and infectious energy has and will leave an incredible mark on our band and our fans and friends.

We are eternally grateful for the incredible memories, laughter, and musical moments we have shared with Camron. His contributions have shaped our band's identity and will forever be treasured. We wish Camron all the best in his future endeavors and look forward to witnessing his continued success.

Thank you, Camron, for the unforgettable experiences and for being a cherished member of our musical family. Your presence will be deeply missed.

Cat5 will carry on touring and performing at the highest standard possible for the year 2024 and beyond. For Bookings, please call Abby at BrioLive 704-467-5397.

With love and admiration,

2024 CSA Shag Contest
Sunday, March 24 2024

The Atlantic Beach Shag Club CSA Shag Contest was held March 22nd and March 23rd 2024 at Memories Beach Club in Atlantic Beach, NC  below are the final results! 

Amateur Division=- 5 Couples

1.  Robby and Caryn Helms 
2.  Dewayne Rivenbark and Sheila Fulcher 
3.  Tony Wolter and Barbara Smith 
4.  Ron and Jen Blackwelder 
5.  Jack Bond and Tricia Drew
Novice Division- 8 Couples

1.  Tim and Ashley Lauer 
2.  James and Leah Bryant 
3.  Clay and Cheryl Parker 
4.  Rick Hahn and Jo Patrick Simokat
5.  Paul and Rebecca Blackwelder 
6.  Mark and Robin Casey 
7.  Donnie and Kelly Sanders 
8.  Lou Martino and Dottie
Sr. Pro Division- 5- Couples 

1.  Gene Pope and Tobitha Stewart 
2.  Gene and Kathy Benfield 
3.  Bruce Yates and Barbara Banks 
4.  Jesse Bradshaw and Pat Folds 
5.  Archer and Pat Joyce 

Pro Division- 5 Couples 

1.  Joey and Jennifer Sogluizzo 
2.  Adam Holmes and Erica Russell 
3.  Carlton Vinson and Brandi Dockery 
4.  Allan Grider and Pat Folds 
5.  Marcus and Cameron Thigpen

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